Never Forgotten

We hold you close within our hearts,
And there you shall remain,
To walk with us throughout our lives,
Until we meet again.
So rest in peace dear Sisters,
And thanks for all you’ve done,
We pray that God has given you,
The crown you’ve truly won.

Honorary Member ~ Bill Dionne (2004)
Bill was one of the movers and shakers in our Parish and he tirelessly sold raffle tickets over the years on behalf of the CWG. As a result of his outstanding dedication and commitment Bill received an Honorary Membership. We continued the tradition of a candlelit honour guard at his funeral and he will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Roma Glass (2012)
In October 2012 we celebrated the 60th wedding anniversary of Roma and Mike, and then just one month later we were at Roma’s funeral. Roma led a remarkable life and was one of our most active parishioners, involved in so many areas of the Church, from the CWG, to Bible Study, counting money, you name it, she was involved. We will miss Roma’s gentle nature and strong spiritual faith.

Dora DeSimone (2010)
After a courageous battle with Leukemia, Dora was carried to the waiting arms of our Lord. She could always be depended on to help in the kitchen with our annual Bazaar and provide delicious Italian goodies for the Bake Table. As well as attending Mass daily she was a regular participant in praying the Rosary.

Karen Anning (2010)
After a long and courageous battle with multiple illness and hospitalizations, Karen went to be with our Lord. Her family takes comfort in knowing that she spent the perfect day before she passed away from a heart attack, being welcomed by her Parish family in the hall for Coffee Sunday.

Betty O’Malley (2006)
Betty was killed tragically in a car accident on July 8, 2006. Taken too soon – we miss her ladylike ways and bubbly personality, and you could always depend on her help for any occasion. Betty, together with her husband, Gay, were former owners of O’Malley’s Catering.

Edna Samuels (2006)
Edna was always interested in CWG events and very generous with her cheque book to help others in need. She was a feisty little lady and quite a character.

Minnie Fenninger (1996)
Minnie was a member of our group for many years and belonged to a women’s group in Germany before emigrating to Canada. Minnie and her husband operated a farm and she would get up at 5 o’clock each morning to milk the cows and sell cream and eggs to the neighbours. She was a hard worker and loved to serve coffee and tea at funerals. Minnie always came to our meetings with her daughter, Mary Hatcher.

Patricia McNeill (2010)
Patricia was a great worker – someone you could count on. Pat held office earlier in CWG until she went out to work, having raised six children. She was a real down East girl with a wonderful sense of humour and told things the way they were.

Kitti O’Callaghan (1996)
Kitti was the older sister of Betty O’Malley and a feisty Irish Catholic nurse. She would fight for the rights of others, being a very devout lady and a great help to Betty and her husband, Gay, when the children were young and they were trying to get the business going. She is truly missed by her Parish family.

Theresa Sedore (2008)
After many years of suffering, it was a blessing when Theresa finally passed on. She was always praying for us and was responsible for composing our Mission Statement when we became CWG.

Margaret Froebe (1996)
Margaret passed away at too young an age. Never quite the same after her daughter was killed by a school bus, Margaret is now reunited with her in Heaven.

Marion Pierre (1995)
Marion was a founding member of the Sharon Co-Op. Marion was widowed at a young age with four children, but she was a courageous woman, strong in her faith. After re-marrying she continued to live in Sharon and was heavily involved in Parish activities with her second husband, Ralph.

Margaret Ryan (2003)
Margaret was a great organizer and worked in the Church office at St. John’s for many years. Marg held just about every position in the CWL Executive, but suffered bad health and disability for the last several years of her life. She and her husband, John, had a tight circle of friends that saw each other through the good and bad times. It was a pleasure to see them all in action working for the good of the Parish and all those who needed help.

Emilia Buttino (1999)
Emilia could always be depended upon to run a well organized kitchen for our CWG events, particularly our annual Christmas Bazaar. She was a very hard worker and was never happier when working quietly behind the scenes.

Laura Quesnel (2002)
Laura was also a founding member of the Sharon Co-Op, and she had three daughters.  She was a quiet girl but could accomplish things in her own sweet way. As well as being a part-time nurse at Southlake, she also found time to be a Brownie leader. She never stopped praying for those she called the movers and shakers – we miss her beautiful smile.

Sandy Ingram (2003)
Sandy was instrumental in organizing the making of knitted squares which were then crocheted into blankets. The blankets were presented to the residents of Porter House just before Christmas in the millennium year. “Do little things with great love”.

Mary Gauthier (2005)
Mary had the privilege of meeting Saint Brother Andre at the Oratory in Montreal before she entered Convent life. Mary left the Convent at about age 30 and resumed her occupation as a teacher in the outside world. She met her husband, Tony, a widower with 7 children, and went on to have 3 girls of her own. Her husband died after only about 7 years of marriage and Mary carried on with her career while raising the children alone. A most remarkable woman.

Betty Lee (2003)
Betty was a founding member of the Sharon Co-Op who built their own houses back in the mid 1950′s. Betty served full-time on the Catholic School Board and with her husband, Ernie, raised ten children. She was renowned for her butter tarts and lemon meringue pies, which were always a big hit at our bake sales.

Rica Vanderloo (2002)
Rica and her husband, Tony, owned a garden centre in Aurora for many years and she was an avid gardener and crafter, as well as an active member of our Parish family.

Marie Quinn (2002)
Due to involvement in her daughter’s figure skating, Marie was not able to make it to many meetings. She did, however, attend Mass daily until she became too sick, and she helped out with baking, etc., in support of our Christmas Bazaar.

Wilma Vanderklugt (2008)
Wilma came to the Sharon community much later after retirement, but that didn’t slow her down. She was a talented knitter, quilter and any other craft you could name.

Valerie Blair (2005)
Although housebound towards the end of her years, Valerie was still interested in keeping abreast of what was happening in our Guild, and was a strong believer in the power of the Rosary.

Glenda Crocco (2016)
The CWG lost a very special person in 2016 when Glenda Crocco finally lost her battle with colon cancer. Glenda had always been upbeat and positive regarding her diagnosis, and continued to carry out her duties on the Executive with dignity and grace until she was no longer able to do so. She possessed a wonderful spirit and her gentle nature would have a calming effect on all she came in contact with. Glenda had a great love of books and she mentored many children at Our Lady of Good Counsel school over the years, helping them gain confidence in their reading skills. You could always rely on Glenda to help out at our Christmas Bazaars, recording the names for the Penny Raffle prizes so efficiently, and her presence was sorely missed at last year’s Bazaar. Our only consolation is knowing that Glenda is in a better place, free from pain at last.

Helen Guerin (2016)
Helen was a gentle, quiet lady; always a willing worker. She was a longtime resident in Sharon, the busy mother of four children and a gold medal nurse by profession.

Bridget Coleman (2018)
Bridget was a very active member of our Parish family when it was first established, and used to look after the flowers in the Church. A dedicated member of the CWG, she could always be depended upon to provide her delicious homemade Irish soda bread for the Bake Table at our Christmas Bazaar each year, until her health declined. Now she is at rest with her dear husband, Tony.

Ann de Roeper (2018)
Ann was a great believer in the good a group like the CWG could do, she was always active and a hands-on member. She shared her good humour and joy of life with all she met. Go in peace, dear Ann.

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