Welcome to Catholic Women’s Guild of St. Elizabeth Seton Parish in Newmarket, Ontario. Our organization was founded in August, 2000. All ladies of the Parish are welcome to join the CWG and input from members is welcome at any time.

Our Mission Statement:
The mission of the St. Elizabeth Seton CWG is to share our faith as Catholic women, follow God’s teachings, and through the Holy Spirit, bring the love of Jesus to all we meet. We strive to be the living expression of God’s love in our parish and beyond.

PictMH3Ix.jpgMeet Our 2020-2021 Executive:
President: Tuula Rinella
Past President: Donna Maietta
President Elect:
Treasurer: Cathy Ley
Secretary: Denise Orderson
Communication Coordinator: Anna Brown
Spiritual Coordinator: Wilma Bloye & Judy Heffer-Crockett                                             Spiritual Adviser: Father Roy Roberts
Hospitality: Jessica Palos, Mercedes Testani, Mary Ellen Lasota, Margaret Cyr,    Carolyn McCartney

Spiritual Message – God’s Promise:
He promised he never would leave us,
Never, no, never alone.
He taught us to love one another,
And harvest the kindness we’ve sown.
He showed us the strength of the spirit,
And all that our faith can achieve,
He promised the comfort of healing,
If only we trust and believe.
He told us of life everlasting,
For us and for those we have known.
He promised he never would leave us,
Never, no never alone.

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